Making a Difference

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Cliché it may seem, but this statement is nonetheless true. You are in charge of making a difference in the society. The change starts with you.

The growing number of cases of malnourishment and children who are suffering from undernutrition is increasing at an alarming rate. Although ETN Chili Cook Off had been dedicated to addressing this problem, we cannot do it on our own. As such, we are calling every concern household to help us in their own little way. How? Please check below:

1. By giving back

Perhaps the best way to help the community is to share with them the blessings you have been receiving all year round. May it be just a bag of groceries, or a dollar or two, these would help greatly with our advocacy to eliminate hunger. You can contact our customer representative to assist you. While you are looking for ways on how to find motivated sellers wholesale real estate, you can also take time to search for centers in the community where you can extend your help too.

2. Raise Awareness

The reason for the absence of aid sometimes is the ignorance of the problem. What we don’t know, won’t hurt us but may impact other people around us. This is most especially among those kids whose parents do not have the resources to give them the right sustenance. Just by telling our neighbors and friends about these conditions would provide them the knowledge that will elicit actions to help.

3. Joining Organizations

Have you ever wondered where your time is allocated every day? Is it on something worthwhile? Are you making a difference? If you are not, then maybe it is time to reassess your priorities. A lot of people need you. By joining an organization that caters to their well-being, you are given the chance to answer their call.

Many organizations are dedicated to giving back to the community. The fundraisers may just be different, the advocates may not be the same, but they each one share the same goal – to extend help to those who are in need. By taking part on this, you are given the same privilege to make a difference to other people’s lives in exchange of the feeling of fulfillment you get for every smile on the faces of those people you helped.

ETN Chili Cook Off is with you every step of the way if you choose to be a part of our growing organization. We have a lot of activities you can join even if you don’t want to be a part of the outreach per se. We can have you as our support who helps prepare and cook dishes during our feeding programs. You can help pack the goods we share with them. You can also be the one to spearhead the planning of our next fundraiser. This organization can always find a place for you.