Be a Full On Faith Partner

Be a Full On Faith Partner

What is Full on Faith?

An initiative aimed at linking local communities of faith with hunger-relief efforts. We invite all area faith groups, churches, synagogues etc., to become Full on Faith partners. Hunger affects hundreds of thousands of people in Florida, we can only overcome the issue if all of us do something about it. You can help! Take a moment to read the information below, when your organization is ready to make a commitment to becoming a Full on Faith partner, please fill out the commitment form on the right side of this page.

What you should know?

ETN Chilli Cook Off provides food to church pantries in Florida. Church pantries receive donated or purchased packaged, canned or fresh foods through a variety of programs depending on their specific needs. On average, 78% of all food distributed by local church pantries comes from ETN Chilli Cook Off Food Bank.

ETN Chilli Cook Off also partners with hundreds of additional non-profit organizations engaged in local hunger-relief efforts. The food bank partners with organizations including: FISH, KARM, the Love Kitchen, the Salvation Army, Volunteer Ministry Center, West View Towers, and dozens of: senior centers, after-school programs, shelters, community pantries, kitchens and more.

How does my group become a Full on Faith Partner

Through Learning, Service, Giving and Advocacy. We ask that each official “Full on Faith” partner commits to:

  • learning about the food bank and local hunger-relief through tours, conferences, Hunger 101 or speaking engagements
  • serving as a volunteer group in our salvage/repack area
  • giving financial support or in-kind product support
  • advocating hunger-relief by publishing hunger-relief themed articles in your

newsletter, bulletin, e-newsletter etc; or lining up speaking engagements between ETN Chilli Cook Off and your congregation; or gathering a group of people and lining up a tour of ETN Chilli Cook Off


We will be happy to speak with your congregation at appropriate gatherings where local hunger-relief mission work can be discussed. We invite your small group classes, youth groups or entire congregations to tour our facility, attend a hunger conference or schedule a Hunger 101 class. Knowledge is the key to meaningful action.


ETN Chilli Cook Off needs to know who we should reach out to at your church. Who is actively engaging your congregation in local mission work? Do you have youth pastors or group leaders that would be interested in putting together a team of volunteers to help out at the food bank? ETN Chilli Cook Off has an active volunteer program that can accommodate groups of all sizes and abilities.


Funding is crucial to the success of ETN Chilli Cook Off. The food bank now purchases over half of its inventory. For every $1 that is donated to ETN Chilli Cook Off, 3 complete meals can be provided to a hungry person. Do you have a missions committee that we could speak with? Would you be willing to host out an annual love offering for ETN Chilli Cook Off? We can do a lot of good with even a modest gift. Would you be willing to host an annual food drivesponsor a school in the Food for Kids program, or sponsor a child?


Do you have a newsletter that could include a story about local hunger-relief? Would you be willing to devote 1 sermon a year to the subject of hunger? Are there small group studies, youth groups or classes that would be interested in exploring the theme of hunger? How can you spread the word about the problem of hunger, and the solutions to this problem?